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Thank you for your interest in PowerHouse Tumble and Cheer. We are a personal development center with an emphasis in the training of tumbling, cheerleading and overall character education which will promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Our classes provide a Christian environment, with quality instruction and powerful leadership so that your child may develop valuable skills, physical and inner strength, self-discipline, self-esteem and leadership ability to give your child an advantage in life. 

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Closed Dates: Nov. 23th 24th 25th, Dec. 24th 25th 26th, Dec. 31st & Jan. 1st 
May 29th through June 5th, July 4th

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VIP 2017 

MAY 6th 7:00pm

William's Building Down Town West Monroe

(PowerHouse WM location)

This WILL be an AWESOME opportunity for every student to show off what skills he/she has learned in class!


Gym Wars is just one of the many activities PowerHouse Tumble and Cheer offers.

Gym Wars is a competition of Tumbling, Synchronized Tumbling, Co-ed and Group Stunting. Stunting events will only be allowed at the Gym Wars Championship in West Monroe!

Gym Wars is designed to motivate each athlete to reach their full potential and for healthy competition we are allowing members and nonmembers to participate in Gym Wars.

 Our mission is to provide a safe, Christian environment with an educated staff so that each student will achieve his/her highest level of tumbling and cheerleading skills while not only learning  to be led but to lead others.  Also, to instill valuable life lessons and memories that will last a lifetime!